Super Kids Sports Academy

Super Kids Sports Academy

Super Kids Sports Academy

Super Kids Sports Academy Bloemfontein

Super Kids Sports Academy. Developing the skills and talents of children between ages of 21/2 and 18 years for 2 decades. This method is aimed at the Aussies initiative. Developing their youth for ultimate sport achievements through sport academies. There is a need to let children of all races and cultures gain from this.

Superkids Elite Group

The objectives of Super Kids Sports Academy is the development and improvement of:

  • Psychological aspects
  • Match situations are created
  • Improve techniques of the various sporting codes

Each child receives a progress report and certificate at the end of each year. Together with trophies handed out to all participants.

Super Kids Clothing Range

Our new range of Super Kids clothing aims to help your child in identifying with the ever growing Super Kids program. Thank you for your trust you have shown in us developing and assisting your child’s sport talent.

We develop and test the skills of each individual in the following areas:

  • Balance
  • Jumps
  • Support (push-ups etc)
  • Hand & eye co-ordination
  • Hanging (pull-ups etc)
  • Ball skills
  • Reaction & speed
  • Sport evaluation
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