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Trailer Hire and Rentals in Bloemfontein

SA Trailer Hire & Rentals is what the name suggests. We hire and rent trailers in Bloemfontein to the public. We even have 4×4 trailers for hire!

Our trailer hire stock includes:

  • Small Trailer (2m x 2m)
  • Flatbed Trailer (2m x 5m)
  • Water Bowser (500 litres)
  • Diesel Bowser (500 litres)
  • Luggage Trailer (2m x 2m)
  • 4×4 Trailers

Our trailers are suitable for traveling to anywhere inside South Africa.

Trailer Service, Maintenance, and Repairs

Other services we provide include:

  • Trailer servicing – we service all makes and models of trailers.
  • Preventive maintenance
  • General trailer maintenance
  • General trailer upgrades
  • Repair services

Buy an Urban Horizon 4×4 Trailers

We are the acting agents for the Urban Horizon 4×4 trailers. These trailers can sleep up to 5 people! Visit our site for more information about these amazing trailers.

We strive to give our customers the best possible service. Because of this we:

  • guarantee quality workmanship.
  • inspect all trailers and caravans before they leave our premises.
  • also inspect all trailers and caravans before they return!
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