Roastech. Forced Convection Roasters

Roastech Forced Convection Roasters

Roastech Forced Convection Roasters

Forced Convection Roasters

Patented Roasting technology

Roastech’s process of patented forced convection roasting is different and world unique. Tested during the patenting process, with ease of application and low running costs. This is what makes us the affordable and smart choice in Roasters.

Advantages of the Roastech technology

  1. Machines can run 24 hours a day without intensive supervision. unlike other traditional methods
  2. Harmful materials like bolts and nuts are no longer a problem. They simply pass through the machine without creating a problem
  3. Temperature managed by the operator, thus allowing warmer and colder roasting processes
  4. The exact speed of material through the roaster can be managed. With an optional variable speed drive, allows faster and slower roasting processes

Our Patented Forced Convection Roasting

Our products range from the R 100E to R 1000E, depending on your roasting capacity needs.
All Roasters consist of a Roasting unit controlled by an electronic panel. Incubation units, cooling units, augers and bucket elevators may- or may not be included on quotation. This is dependent on the type of product roasted.

Nut Butter Mills now available
Roastech recently developed unique and efficient Nut Butter Milling machines.

Roasting capabilities

  • Roasting and Blanching of Groundnuts
  • Roasting- (and Flaking) of Maize, Barley, Oats
  • Roasting of Coffee beans
  • Roasting of Nuts and Almost all kinds of seeds
  • Roasting of spices such as Coriander
  • Other:
    • Sterilizing of almost any kind of seed. Such as, Aflatoxins. Odourless, tasteless and colourless, Aflatoxins are difficult to detect if not sterilized
    • Heating of sunflower seeds for the cold press industry
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