National Real Estate

National Real Estate. For Sectional Title, Residential & Commercial

National Real Estate. For Sectional Title, Residential & Commercial

National Real Estate

National Real Estate. We assist in property construction management, contract management, monitoring and auditing. We also advise on contingency plans and implementation of new administrative systems.

Sectional title management

More than 32 years experience. We professionally handle the management and administration of sectional title schemes. We manage more than 8,800 units in more than 290 schemes. The largest sectional title management portfolio in the Free State and Northern Cape. Clear confirmation of quality of service you can expect from National Real Estate.

Residential sales

National Real Estate has one of the most dynamic residential property sales teams in Bloemfontein. With 20+ agents, our residential sales team has over 60 years combined experience. We are also members of the MLS referral system and can provide greater exposure to our buyers and sellers. Over 50 member estate agencies with almost 250 active property consultants in Bloemfontein.

Residential letting & management

We have the widest selection of accommodation available and manage over 2000 properties. As owner, we provide you with a comprehensive service. From letting, inspections, rental collections, maintenance management & book keeping.

Commercial sales

National Real Estate has always been the biggest commercial property sales office in the Free State and Northern Cape. Some of the largest property deals in the history of Bloemfontein have been sucessfully managed through us. Ronnie Storkey is a well known figure in Bloemfontein and has over 35 years experience. The department headed by Llewellyn Pelser as principal. He has over 25 years experience in the industry. Supported by an enthusiastic team of eight property consultants. Our commercial sales team is the largest in the Free State and Northern Cape.

Commercial letting & management

Offices, shops, industrial. We let them all. Our national client base provides the landlord with piece of mind. Ensuring your premises be let to the best possible tenant and managed by competent staff.

National Real Estate. Committed in serving our customers by the most effective means possible.

We want to achieve this through:

  • A high emphasis on personal service
  • Efficient management of our business
  • Highly skilled and dedicated people
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