NAA-SA accommodation providers network

The NAA-SA Accommodation providers network

The NAA-SA Accommodation providers network

Accommodation providers network. Establishments, Suppliers & Locums

The NAA-SA Accommodation providers network. From B&B’s in small country towns offering personal service to luxurious boutique city lodges. You’re sure to find a suitable place to book. At the same time, feel confident that your stay at an NAA-SA member’s establishment will meet your every need. We are The National Accommodation Association South Africa.

Registered as a NPO, the NAA-SA is a not for profit organisation, bringing together local and provincial associations. or even those independent members who do not belong to such associations. Thus, providing a network throughout the country. It thus plays an important role in the accommodation industry.

All listings provided are of member establishments. Be rest assured, that they follow all the Association’s standards.

Member Benefits

“Why join?” is probably the most important question you have to ask yourself. Its also the most difficult one to give a simple answer to.. The most obvious benefits? Those that are going to assist you in savings discounts from suppliers. There is also a list of locums seeking to help you run your establishment short or long term.

Cause Benefits

It is for the “hidden” benefits that we need your membership. The more members we have, the bigger our voice when it comes to making our opinions known. On the one hand the government wants to cut down on “red tape”. But on the other, it would like to regulate our industry in other ways.. Our voice must be heard as one: The NAA-SA Accommodation providers network

Upon joining, you receive a handbook illustrating how NAA-SA fits into the bigger picture of tourism in South Africa.

  • Outlining it’s role within the various tourism organisations
  • What it has achieved on your behalf
  • And hopefully where its headed
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