Mondenso Model Train Park in Bloemfontein

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The Modenso Model Train Park is a highlight event for children in Bloemfontein. The train park runs every Sunday afternoon from 2pm to 5pm.

This is such an affordable option that almost anybody can enjoy it. The train rides are only R5 a ticket! And when the children have finished riding the trains, there is a play park right next door.

The tuck shop serves the most delicious pancakes and other yummy food and drinks.

Next door to the ticket booth is a small museum which showcases various steam engines.

Details about Modenso Model Train Park


Modenso Model Train Park
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Details & Tips

Open Times: Sunday, 2pm to 5pm
Cost: Entrance Free. R5 per train ride per person.

Remember your water and sunscreen!
Bring extra cash for the tuck shop
Children must be supervised by an adult at all times

What to expect on your train ride

There are 3 trains that are in operation, although not all will run each weekend. One of these is a model steam train and is the best experience a person can have of a working steam train in Bloemfontein.

When you arrive you will first stand in a queue at the ticket booth to buy your train ride tickets. As a pro tip, pay for all your tickets at once. We recommend 4 tickets per person (works out to R20) as the ride is a little short.

After you have bought your tickets, you will stand in the queue for the train ride. Children under the age of 5 must be supervised by an adult or older child while riding the train. This is for safety reasons.

Once the previous passengers have got off the train, the conductor will open the gate for you to get aboard. The train is filled up from the front, so if you were lucky enough to be at the front of the queue you will get to sit near the front of the train. Please be considerate of other passengers and allow others to go first if you have had many turns in front.

When the train is full the conductor will close the gate and take your ticket. Then the train driver will toot the horn and you will be on your way.

The route is fairly short, about a 3-5 minute ride. You will go through a tunnel (mind your head) and over a small bridge. There are plenty of places for pedestrians to stand along the edge of the track to get photo opportunities of the trains.

When you get back to the station you need to get off the train and stand in line again for another ride.

What else is going on at the Model Train Park?

The Modenso Model Train park has a few picnic tables and benches. You may bring your own picnic lunch or birthday party snacks. There is a small shop that sells pancakes, cooldrinks, chocolates and sweets. There is also a small museum which shows off steam engines.

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