Monarchy TV

Monarchy TV. Award winning creative agency

Monarchy TV is an award winning creative agency that has worked with established brands such as Carte Blanche, SAA, National Geographic, Audi, FOX, Ellen and DSTV. We do everything from marketing campaigns to brand strategy, commercials, graphic design, illustration, animation and more.

We are a black empowered business 51% female owned.
We output up and beyond 4k – everything mastered in HD definition.
Used to working with different frame rates ntsc / pal and film (29.947fps / 25fps / 24fps).

  • We believe in diversity and have staff of many cultures and backgrounds.
  • We believe in educating and training our staff and offer internships.
  • We believe in job creation, doing martial arts and yoga together and empowering every person at monarchy to live out their creative dreams.

Our females kick some ass!

We are currently in the business of expanding and would love to create new and long-term work relationships with new brands.

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65 Bram Fischer Drive
South Africa