Lenyora Water Bottling Enterprise CC

Lenyora Water Bottling Enterprise CC

Lenyora Water Bottling Enterprise CC - bottled water from the Eastern Free State

Water is life. Lenyora bottled water and ice comes from wells along the Drakensburg mountains. Lenyora Water Bottling Enterprise CC is 100% black owned and can bottle and supply 24,000 liters per day.

Products provided

  • Ice Packs in various sizes created from mineral water.
  • 5L pure still bottled water
  • 500ml pure still bottled water
  • 330ml pure still bottled water

To maximize the benefits of drinking water for your health it is important to make sure your water is pure. A neutral ph. value is best. Our water’s ph. value is unsurpassed. You can be sure that our water will maximize the health benefits you receive from drinking water.

All our bottles and ice packs are available in Central South Africa. We do our best to offer you great value for money while maintaining professionalism.

We aim to be the best natural water bottler in the industry and strive for excellence at all times. Lenyora Water Bottling Enterprise guarantees high-quality products and service to our customers.

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