Jumperslane Trampoline Park

Jumperslane trampoline park Bloemfontein

Jumperslane Trampoline Park

Jumperslane trampoline park. Step through the doors. Prepare to defy gravity. Bounce from wall to wall across 50 interconnected trampolines in our “Free Jump” zone. Jumpers Lane is Bloemfontein’s first indoor trampoline and leisure park where the walls become the floor and the known rules of gravity no longer apply.. A place where you can release your inner child. Under 5 or an action sports junkie in training, you are never too old or too young!

Bumper cars just arrived and further expansions to the park are expected soon.

Jumperslane trampoline park. Welcome to the leisure park of trampolines, with a kiosk for snacks and kitchen menu and yes.. Great pizzas on the menu as well as alcohol licensed with beverages. Enjoy a jump Session, a birthday party, or take a breather in quiet whilst your kids keep themselves entertained!

“It’s like parkour made soft, safe and easy.”

The Trampolines

The Free-Jumping Arena is the main stage. 50 interconnected trampolines, a series of longer tumble tracks and angled banked walls. Run, jump or glide through jumping lines as you leap from tramp to tramp and rebound off the corners. Work on your own routine or just run wild around this over-sized playground. It’s like parkour made soft, safe and easy.

The Slam Dunk area features full-height rings sitting above runway trampolines. Try the simple approach first. Three jumps to build your bounce height then slam it! Add in some moves – maybe around the back or through the legs or even collaborate a routine with a friend.

For the more competitive jumpers, head to one of the “Dodge-ball courts” and let the games begin.
Dodge-ball games consist of 2 teams on either side of the dodge-ball arena that is made up of flat and sloped trampolines. At the beginning of the game, a number of balls can be found between the 2 teams. Bounce around to dodge the dodge-balls thrown by your opponents. The art is using your vertical bounce and the full expanse of the play arena to dodge the balls. If you get hit, you are out! This means you have to keep moving, ducking and bouncing to make sure your team stays in the lead.

Dodge-ball games are great for birthday parties, corporate team building or just groups of family and friends looking for a dose of adrenaline and team spirit. Book your game today and don’t miss out!

The Foam pit. Become the master of trampolines and own your moves!
The foam pit provides for a massive soft landing spot from your aerial endeavours. It’s also a great place to work on moves that you can take to the Free-Jump Arena. Lying at the end of the track, the giant foam filled bag sits in a Three-foot-deep pit. Start with simple jumps then get as technical as you like and start showing off your skills in the free jump arena.

Team building

Jumpers Lane also has boardroom facilities for up to 22 people. It is always fun to add a leisure activity to your event and let all the employees / colleagues jump for some team building spirit.

Get in touch on 051 011 0024 | info@jumperslane.co.za

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