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JM Geomatics & Consulting Pty Ltd

JM Geomatics & Consulting Pty Ltd is your land survey and project management partner in Bloemfontein.

Our services include:

  • Engineering Surveys
  • Quantity Surveys
  • Topographical Surveys
  • Cadastral Surveys

Our aim is to offer our clients a professional execution of topographical engineering and cadastral land surveying through the use of correct resources. We pride ourselves on offering equal job opportunities to all South African Citizens.

JM Geomatics & Consulting is managed by committed professionals who are reliable in their skills and knowledge. Theses professionals aim at the continuous improvement of lives of all persons in the country through provision of quality, growth and sustainable development.

It is our vision to grow bigger, better and stronger while empowering the community. We want to develop our employees through training and coaching.

Our quality Land Surveying work is at a national class even beyond South Africa, becoming the benchmark for other surveying companies. We aim to be a leader in terms of safety, health, environment and quality best practices.

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