Chattel. Affordable out of city residence

Chattel. Affordable out of city residence. Privately managed

Chattel. Affordable out of city residence. Privately managed

Affordable out of city residence

Affordable out of city residence. Privately managed with every attention to the proper care of resources. Welcome to Chattel. Live Life abundantly. Roads, electricity, sewerage and waste management are all privately owned and run. Water is also gathered, stored and distributed at high levels of care and management.

Located outside city limits, land and structural development occurs in a timely manner. With fewer municipal restrictions and requirements too.

Increases in rates & taxes is no new news to South Africans. Low service delivery standards are also common to South African ears. Getting in touch with the right person to correct municipal connections has also become a challenge. For those trying to make a change. We are being financially depleted in an ongoing cycle. We are no longer able to provide a sufficient inheritance for our children.

What has become of our home life? Are we living freely? What is going to happen in our time, in our future and our children’s future? We have forgotten and are unable to realize that we are meant to own our land. And that we should live our lives in limitless freedom and harmony with each other and nature.

Enough is Enough! It’s Time to take control and become self-equipped once again. It is time to have a complete self-controlled and self-regulated lifestyle. It is time to find freedom, unity, peace, restoration, joy, supply, provision, care and progress.

New Life, Better living, in a natural environment

Many lifestyle improvements are needed in our home lives today. We need a place where children can safely explore the natural world around them. Families need to be free to grow food to sustain themselves if they wish to do so.

Now is the time to let Chattel welcome you to its community. Situated in Central South Africa Bloemfontein

Chattel is a Rightful Estate Package where peace, purity, provision and prosperity dwell among us. This way we can provide for our children and they can keep their heir ship. Chattel is the answer to a freedom living affordable out of city residence.

Chattel. An all new reformed way of living life exorbitantly

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