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Amanzi Savers Dam Dredging | BFN Tourism

Amanzi Savers Dam Dredging | BFN Tourism

South Africa is a water scarce country with its annual rainfall coming in at half the world’s average. We have been experiencing terrible drought throughout the land. Dam dredging is not a luxury, but a need in the fight to improve South Africa’s water supply. Amanzi Savers is here to help.

The dams in South Africa used to hold a lot more water than they do now.

The reason for this is that water flows into dams, but it isn’t pure water. The water also carries sand and other debris into the dam.

Over time the amount of sand and debris builds up on the bottom of the dam, and the water storage capacity drops.

Amanzi Savers offers specialized dam dredging services on a mass scale.

What is dredging?

Dredging is the process of clearing out the bottom of a dam. Special dredging equipment removes mud, weeds, and rubbish from the floor of the dam.

Routine dredging is a must for all bodies of water. How often a body of water requires dredging depends on how much water enters the water body, and how much sediment the water carries.

The costs involved depend on the size of the dam, degree of sedimentation and the time frame given for operational results.

About Amanzi Savers Dam Dredging

We are a BEE compliant company and our management have years of experience in the field of dredging.

Amanzi Savers home base in Bloemfontein offers their services to the whole of South Africa.

We are the official agents of Qingzhou Julong in Africa. We have exclusive rights to the Julong JLCSD3500 dredger model. This dredger model is the superior dam dredging equipment in South Africa.

All key staff in a dredging project undergo extensive training with the Julong Company. You can be sure that your dams are in good hands with us.

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