Active Blinds. Custom Venetian blinds in Bloemfontein

Custom Venetian blinds in Bloemfontein

Custom Venetian blinds in Bloemfontein

Custom Venetian blinds in Bloemfontein

Custom Venetian blinds in Bloemfontein. Active blinds offer quality custom-made venetian, wooden, vertical, roller and bamboo blinds. Our products, manufactured from the best materials provide outstanding quality for years to come. Pick your choice from a wide range of sizes, colours, textures and finishes. Our range of affordable blinds options are tailor-made to fit your budget. We provide the finest home and office blinds solutions.

Venetian Blinds

Our Venetian Blinds are a very popular choice. These blinds provide excellent control over sunlight due to the tilting mechanism. We provide aluminium, wooden, bamboo and plaswood venetian blinds.

Our Aluminium Venetian is the perfect type of blind to use for both office and home windows. It will provide your room a sleek and clean look. Our 25mm and 50mm aluminium venetian blinds are our most popular choices. We provide 0.21mm aluminium Venetian blinds, above industry standards which are only 0.18mm.

Wooden Venetian blinds give any room at home or office that classy, natural and timeless look. Our wooden Venetian blinds are made of basswood, which means it is durable and made to last. The glossy finish can withstand cleaning chemicals too. With different tones and colours to choose from, our wooden Venetian blinds match any room. We install 50mm wooden venetian blinds in 6 different tones. These include : natural, golden oak, maple, cherry, charcoal and mahogany.

Plaswood Venetian Blinds have become very popular too. Plaswood Venetian blinds are wood-lookalike blinds. Produced from durable materials, it is resistant to high humidity. Extreme temperatures and direct sunlight don’t affect this synthetic Venetian option. As they look identical to wooden blinds it actually gives you the best of both worlds. Plaswood blinds work well in the Kitchen or bathroom too. 50mm Plaswood Venetian blinds are available in a wide range of textures and colours.

Our 50mm Bamboo Venetian blinds includes four natural wood tones. These are white, teak, rosewood and chestnut. As with the wooden Venetian blinds, we cater for both lighter and darker shades of colors.

Custom Venetian blinds in Bloemfontein & surrounding areas

For custom Venetian blinds in Bloemfontein, get a quotation from Active Blinds. It will cost you no money if situated in Bloemfontein. ..And it is totally worth seeing what the company can do in improving your home. Call us today for your free quotation or see our website for more. We supply blinds in Bloemfontein and surrounding areas.

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