Need a break from the rush of city life while still having access to all the necessities a city life offers? Bloemfontein offers all that and more.

Bloemfontein has a relaxed atmosphere. The people of Bloemfontein place a high value on quality of life and family. This makes it the ideal spot for settling down to raise a family.

Relaxed activities for the whole family can be found. In the summer months, you can visit Gwen Bali Water World or Maselspoort Resort for some fun in the sun. In winter months there is the model train park, indoor kids play areas, movie theatres, zoo, shopping malls and more.

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Move to Bloemfontein

There are plenty of traditional schools and new small private schools in Bloemfontein. For home schooling your children, there is a strong homeschooling community too. And when your children need to go to a tertiary institution there are plenty of options.

This brings us to the life of students. We all know that university students and young adults enjoy going out with their friends. There are many cocktail lounges, pubs and a handful of dance spots in Bloemfontein. Meter Taxies are a phone call away for a safe trip home.

This is the perfect place to live if you want to start a business that services the whole of South Africa. You find it roughly in the middle of the Province as well as the country. This location places the city on the main road, rail and air links between the north and south, east and west.

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It is commonly said that Gauteng is 5 years behind the world and the Free State is 5 years behind Gauteng. If you are used to working at a Gauteng pace, you can excel in the Free State. And have the freedom to enjoy quality life experiences, especially outdoor ones.

We need entrepreneurs. With the cost of living low for a city of its size, you can make a little go a long way if you are clever. You will use less fuel in your car than in other major cities. To drive from the east to the west is only 12 kilometers on the main streets. In peak traffic, this is a 30-minute drive.

There is less stress than in the bigger cities of South Africa, and everything seems to move just a bit slower here.

There is a saying about Bloemfontein “You cry when you arrive, and you cry when you have to leave.” Many people cry for different reasons upon arrival, but those who cry when they leave do so because they have grown to love the place. The friendly people, the traditional value system, and the relaxed atmosphere. This is why people love Bloemfontein

Visit Bloemfontein

Are you considering visiting? There is plenty to do and see, from events and festivals to year-round activities or seasonal ones.

Bloemfontein is the capital city of the Free State Province in South Africa. It also serves as the commercial capital of the Free State and the Judicial capital of the country.

Come and enjoy the relaxed city, you may never want to leave!

Learn more about the history of this city here.